Welcome to the world of Vin Sinners

o, we have begun work on our new record and our website is just beginning to take shape. It has been offline for far too long now. We know. But bear with us. We have a few ideas coming your way and we think you guys will love it so stay tuned!

Oh, by the way, the record is called 'Burn & Rise' and we will have a provisional track listing out in the next few days! How about that!

Till then...

Hail Ya Sinners!


Look for the sign 

Some of you may have seen our sign on our Facebook page but in case you're not familiar, this is what you look for!

And when you see this after any text "\V/"

Know that it is us!! When you see it...its us! Stay cool...


Brothers in Arms...forever! 

Thank You!
Over the years there have been a lot of incredible musicians who have played a role in Vin Sinners. We have not forgotten any of them. They have been and will continue to be important to what Vin Sinners represents today.

Brothers in arms forever!


 - Nipin Anthraper: Drums & Percussion, 2010
 - Afaq Ahmed (A-Fax): Bass Guitars, 2010 to 2011
 - Nelson Floyd: Lead Guitars, 2010
 - Cmythonika: Keyboards, 2010 to 2013
 - Kurt Rozario: Rhythm & Lead Guitars, 2011 to 2012
 - Stanley Joseph: Lead Guitars, 2011
 - Adel Restom: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, 2011 to 2012
 - Naveen 'The Skinner': Drums & Percussion, 2011 to 2015
 - Johan Roy D'Souza (JRD): Bass Guitars, 2012 to 2015
 - Ash Hammer: Lead Guitars, 2012
 - Aldo Rock: Lead Guitars, 2012 to 2013
 - Jing Bongato: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, 2012 to 2013

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Transformed thanks to Tribe Fit 

One of the problems some of us face is a weight problem. In September 2013, Vin Nair, front-man and founder of Vin Sinners weighed in at a massive 129 kilos. In December 2014, Tribe Fit stepped in as a partner of Vin Sinners and one of their mandates was to 'transform' Vin's mass to a far more respectable performer like physique.

Vin worked closely with Matt Glass and then with Barrie Birse of Tribe Fit and went on to loose 19 kilos over a period of 6 months from April to December 2014.

Vin continues to train at Tribe Fit. @tribefitme


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  • Vin & Tazz hanging out after an impromptu jam, sheesha, dinner, #rammstein live and some cool music! @vinnair @tazzkate @vineshvnair #hardrock #musiciansunited #mydubai #UAE
    Vin & Tazz hanging out after an impromptu jam, sheesha, dinner, #rammstein live and some cool music! @vinnair @tazzkate @vineshvnair #hardrock #musiciansunited #mydubai #UAE
  • Diablo Don lays it down! @diablodon777 @vinsinners @vineshvnair #VS3 #hardrock #newrecord #glowinthedark #drummer #shine #mydubai #UAE #instadrum #mayhem
    Diablo Don lays it down! @diablodon777 @vinsinners @vineshvnair #VS3 #hardrock #newrecord #glowinthedark #drummer #shine #mydubai #UAE #instadrum #mayhem
  • Capt Tazz gets ready to lay down solos! @vinsinners @diablodon777 @_skinnyv_ @tazzkate @vineshvnair #burnandrise #VS3 @Umusicindia #newrecord
    Capt Tazz gets ready to lay down solos! @vinsinners @diablodon777 @_skinnyv_ @tazzkate @vineshvnair #burnandrise #VS3 @Umusicindia #newrecord
  • Cooking up some ideas on 'No More'! @tazzkate @daiblodon77 @_skinnyv_ @vineshvnair @vinsinners #hardrock #music
    Cooking up some ideas on 'No More'! @tazzkate @daiblodon77 @_skinnyv_ @vineshvnair @vinsinners #hardrock #music

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